2011 F1 Cars – Ferrari F150

Ferrari have launched their 2011 challenger, the F150 at Maranello, kicking off the new car launches of this year’s championship. The F150 is named to mark the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. The car contains several bits from the 2010 car – and some that are entirely new. No doubt that the car that arrives in Bahrain will be vastly different in comparison to the launch car, as teams don’t want to let their rivals to have a good look at their design innovations.

Here are some pictures :

It is interesting to see that Ferrari have retained the push-rod suspension, despite the pull-rod on the RB6 last year being extremely effective and an obvious direction to take. Also the nose is now high-mounted, unlike the pointy design on the F10. The sidepods are also different, a bit bulky, thanks to the KERS system that will make a comeback this year.

Other changes include a more diagonal front suspension setup, a more rectangular shape for the radiator vents, and a circular intake above the driver’s head. Thanks to the ban on F-Duct and Double diffuser, the rear of the car sports an entirely new look, with no ‘shark fin’ engine cover and a single diffuser element.

The rear wing is adjusted by the single hydraulically operated element in the middle of the wing. With the drivers already using buttons on the steering wheel to talk on the radio, adjust the brake bias, differential, engine limiter etc, the KERS and the rear wing adjustment seems to be an awful lot to do for the men inside the cockpit.

Pictures from the launch ceremony :


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