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Chinese Copycat Cars

Posted in Automotive Articles with tags , , , , on December 4, 2010 by Sundar Shankar

Imitation, they say, is the most sincere form of flattery. Car manufacturers around the world though, are seeing red . Design imitation has always been a part of any industry. A familiar tail lamp here, a head lamp there are not viewed seriously. Hyundai Motors does it all the time, not that they are the sole exponents of design theft. But the recent launches in the Chinese automotive industry seems to be stretching this a bit too much. Inspite of stupendous growth in automotive sales in China, the concept of ‘indigenous’ vehicles is nowhere to be found. Try as they might, to convince you otherwise, almost all Chinese cars that we see in motorshows and in the advertisements are outrageous copies of existing models of other manufacturers.

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