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Red Bull Racing – Birth of a new F1 Champion

Posted in Random Thoughts with tags , , , , on December 3, 2010 by Sundar Shankar

The 2010 Brazilian GP was by no means a thriller, yet it must be the most memorable day in the lives of the men and women who are part of the Milton-Keynes based Red Bull Racing team. After several hits and near misses, mistakes and misfortunes, Red Bull have finally clinched the World Constructors Championship – and are now properly one of the “big” teams that Ferrari and Mclaren have to respect. In my view, the seeds for this triumph were sown when Christian Horner brought the legendary Adrian Newey on board. The design genius has been responsible for several cars that have dominated championships and it was only a matter of time before he hit the sweet spot at Red Bull.

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Life of a racing driver

Posted in Random Thoughts with tags , , , on November 29, 2010 by Sundar Shankar


Once the motor vehicle was invented, it was only a matter of time when mankind’s competitive nature kicked in, and the art of racing was born. As for the racing enthusiasts among us, we spend our time thinking, watching, discussing, arguing, cheering our racing heroes and teams, but also dream of “an empty mountain road in an Italian exotic” or “grabbing the lead at the Monaco Grand Prix”. The feeling of watching men and machines engaged in a wheel-to-wheel battle, pushing the car beyond technical boundaries and pushing their minds and bodies to levels beyond our comprehension, is incredible in itself. So how much more incredible would the racing drivers themselves feel? We can but guess. In the meantime, here’s an attempt on my part to describe the wonderful life of a racing driver using mere words.

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