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2011 Spanish GP – Race Analysis

Posted in Race Analysis with tags , , , , on May 23, 2011 by Sundar Shankar

Sebastian Vettel is in the midst of a humongous purple patch. Four pole positions this year, and now four wins and a second place. Doubts about Sebastian’s racecraft, especially when he was not on pole have been blown away. This was by far and away the hardest win of Vettel’s career, and no doubt, the most well deserved.  The Circuit de Catalunya’s 10 year record of the pole sitter winning the race fell by the wayside as the world champion emerged victorious after a dramatic Spanish GP. The young lad had to push his car to the limit for over 40 laps to defend his lead once jumped everyone at the pitstops.

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2011 Spanish GP – Qualifying Analysis

Posted in Qualifying Analysis with tags , , , , , on May 22, 2011 by Sundar Shankar

Mark Webber finally derailed the Vettel express today, ending the reigning world champion’s stranglehold on qualifying and putting himself in the best possible position to win the race tomorrow. The Red Bulls went on a rampage in the qualifying session for the Spanish Grand Prix, with a massive one second advantage to the McLarens, and a two second gap to the other teams. They were comfortably through into Q2 despite using only the harder tyres, and flexed their muscle in Q3 taking away what little hope their rivals had of beating them this weekend.

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2011 Turkish GP – Qualifying Analysis

Posted in Qualifying Analysis with tags , , , , , on May 7, 2011 by Sundar Shankar

Sebastian Vettel claimed pole position for tomorrow’s Turkish Grand Prix, but he didn’t blitz everyone else by a full second at the very end of the session as he usually does. This time, he did an early lap in Q3, a truly staggering 1:25.019 time that was miles ahead of all the other drivers on their first runs. Then he sat around, waiting for someone to get within striking distance of his time, possibly got bored, got out of the cockpit with utter confidence while everyone else went out for a second run. He has now been on pole position for all the races in 2011, a 5 race unbeaten streak if you count from Abu Dhabi last year.

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